• Mission of the Institute of Power Engineering - scientific support on increasing energy security, development and efficient operation of the energy complex of the Republic of Moldova in terms of liberalizing the energy market and increasing the share of use of renewable energy resources, contribution to the process of regional and European integration of the national energy system.
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Editorial activity

"Problems of Regional Energetics"  is a category "A" periodical, peer-reviewed, OA scientific publication. The journal publishes the most significant and current research results in the field of energetics, energy conservation, use of renewable energy resources.

The journal is indexed in such databases as Web of Science Master Journal List, SCOPUSDOAJ, e-LIBRARY.ru, Cyberleninka and National Bibliometric Instrument.

The international conference "Energy of Moldova. Regional aspects of development" is organized by the Institute of Power Engineering in partnership with the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (CNR-CME), Department of Engineering and Technological Sciences, Ministry of Economy, ANRE, AEE, FEE, GIZ, "Energy and Biomass" Project.