General information

Research in the field of energy has been carried out in Moldova, since 1955, with the founding of the Department of Energy and Electrification of Agriculture (DEEA) within the Moldovan Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Director in 1956-1958 Dr. N.N. Romanenco), Department of Energy Cybernetics (DEC) founded in 1958 (Director Dr. Gh. V. Cealăi, Laureate of the State Prize of the USSR during 1958-1961). With the formation of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (August 2, 1961) on the basis of the Department of Energy Cybernetics was formed in 1961 the Institute of Energy and Automation (director - academician B. Lazarenko). In 1965 the Department of Energy Cybernetics became a research institution with the status of institutional member of ASM (Director - Gh.V. Cealîi, corresponding member of ASM (1965-1981); from 1981-1991 director - V.M. Postolati, Dr. hab ., corresponding member of the ASM).

In 1991 the Department of Energy Cybernetics was reorganized into the Institute of Power Engineering of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (director -dr. hab., academician V.M. Postolatii in the period 1991-1994 and 2014 - 2010; dr. hab., M.V. Chiorsac (1994 -1993); Dr. hab. V.P. Berzan (2010-2015); Dr. M.Ș. Tîrșu (2015-present).

Since 2018, the Institute of Energy has a new founder, since as a result of the reorganization of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, the Institute came under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

Mission of the Institute of Power Engineering

Scientific support on increasing energy security, development and efficient operation of the energy complex of the Republic of Moldova in terms of liberalizing the energy market and increasing the share of use of renewable energy resources, contribution to the process of regional and European  integration of the national energy system.

The main research areas of the Institute are:

  • Development of solutions to increase the performance of electricity and heat transmission and distribution networks, conversion and consumption systems and installations of different types of energy, including renewable sources
  • Innovative solutions for the development of the district heating system with the advanced use of RES
  • Theoretical and experimental research in the field of energy security by elaboration and development of systems of indicators, methods and systems of calculation and forecasting taking into account internal and external factors of influence and trends in the development of energy supply systems.
  • Theoretical and experimental researches of the operating regimes of electricity and heat energy supply systems, of the units of production, transport, distribution and use of energy in the context of new challenges in the world and in the country.
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of environmentally friendly innovative energy technologies on the development of new methods and equipment to increase the share of energy produced from renewable sources, energy efficiency of energy conversion of renewable sources, those with low thermal potential and transformation of energy flow parameters.
  • Elaboration and argumentation of new approaches regarding the promotion of efficient energy policies for the security of energy supply of the country's consumers.