Laboratory of Electric Power Equipment and Power Electronics

Research interests

The EPEPE laboratory was created in 2010, as a result of the optimization of the Institute of Power Engineering of the ASM, initially having the name of “Electrophysics and high voltage technique” (EHVT) created in 1982.

Starting with 2004, the laboratory deals with research in the direction of elaboration and modeling of FACTS-controllers designed for control of active and reactive power flows in the transmission networks of electrical systems.

Since 2010, the laboratory focuses on research related to the development and modeling of high-performance installations designed for control of the energy system operation, the development of scenarios for the development of both electricity transmission networks and new generation sources, in order to create necessary conditions for parallel operation with the neighboring energy systems, the elaboration of the fast control laws with the requested regime of PST operation, the elaboration of the efficient technical solutions for efficient energy conversion of the renewable sources, the elaboration of the voltage and current converters.

Currently, the main field of laboratory scientific research aims to develop and research of new technical solutions based on FACTS - technologies that increase the degree of management and reliability of transmission and distribution networks of the energy system, in line with SmartGrid development strategies in the energy sector and with improved technical and economic characteristics.

The scientific potential of the laboratory includes 3 Dr. (Dmitry Zaitsev, Mihai Tirshu, Igor Colesnic) and 8 researchers (Uzun Mihail, Golub Irina, Caloshin Danila, Speian Aurel, Martnos Ion, Galbura Victor, Dontu Ion).



Laboratory of Electric Power Equipment and Power Electronics

Institute of Power Engineering, 

5 Academiei Street, Chisinau,

MD-2028, Republic of Moldova

tel. (373-22) 73-81-24 

e-mail: [email protected]

Laboratory staff
Nr Name Scientific degree & position
1 Zaitsev Dmitry dr., head of laboratory
2 Tirshu Mihai leading researcher
3 Uzun Mihail researcher
4 Colesnic Igor researcher
5 Golub Irina researcher
6 Caloshin Danila researcher
7 Speian Aurel junior researcher
8 Martnos Ion junior researcher
9 Galbura Victor junior researcher
10 Dontu Ion junior researcher
11 Nour Viorel energy engineer
12 Nicoara Elena electrical engineer




  1. 20.80009.7007.18 Eco-friendly technical solutions for efficient energy consumption in buildings and development of smart grid options with advanced renewable energy integration in Moldova (SINERGIE)/ 2020-2023
  2. Analysis study of the existing operation thermal regimes of SACET mun. Chisinau / 2018-2019
  3. 15.817.03.02A  . Elaboration and argumentation of innovative solutions and technical means for the efficiency of the energy supply sector / 2015-2019
  4. Study on the barriers and development opportunities of SACET in Bălți municipality / S.A. CET-Nord/ 2019
  5. Project "Training of the staff of the financial institution TLF (Total Leasing Finance) and energy audit services “/ Funded by EIB/ 2015-2016


  1. Research and promotion of highly efficient energy generation through trigeneration by using solar renewable resources for getting electricity, heat and cold and purchasing of equipment / 2020-2021 / Joint Operational Programme Romania-Republic of Moldova 2014-2020
  2. 16.80013.5807.12/Ro. Solutions for Extending the share of integration of Renewable Energy Sources Connected to the electricity grid (ESERCON) / 2016-2018
  3. 17.80013.5807.06/Ua. Control of active and reactive power flow in urban distribution networks based on the Smart-Grid concept using phase-switchable booster transformers (CONFLUX) / 2017-2018


  1. H2020 731264 Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy (SHAPE-ENERGY) / 2017-2019 / Black Sea Basin Energy Research Center (BSERC)
  2. Assessment of local electricity generation options / 2019-2020/ WorleyParsons in the framework of USAID