Laboratory of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources

Research interests

The laboratory was founded in 2010 based on the merger of two laboratories, namely: "Non-traditional energy sources" founded in 1994 and "General Energy".

The Laboratory of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (LEESER) is part of the organizational structure of the Institute of Power Engineering. LEESER activity is guided by the institute statute and the legislative provisions in the field of research, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.

LEESER's core activities include:

  • systematic analysis of the efficiency of  traditional and renewable energy sources, taking into account the regional characteristics of energy consumption and their impact on the environment;
  • elaboration of various programs for strategic development of the energy complex of the Republic of Moldova;
  • elaboration of Technical, Ecological and Innovative solutions in fields of EE and SER;
  • calculation model development for contribution calculation of renewable energy to country's energy balance;
  • analysis of variable energy sources and their contribution to energy deficiency compensation in buildings;
  • the impact of renewable energy sources on electricity and heat rates;
  • technical and economical feasibility studies of some investment projects in the field of EE and SER;
  • elaboration, manufacture and testing of laboratory samples of devices, based on innovative solutions for conversion and using of renewable energy (solar and wind, etc.);
  • participation in development and approvement of the national legislative framework in the field of EE and SER;
  • elaboration of concept notes and participation in different national and international competitions for financing projects in the field of EE and SER;
  • elaboration of training and continuous training programs for specialists.


The scientific potential of the laboratory includes 4 Dr. (Comendant Ion, Şit Mihail, Juravliov Anatolie, Daud Vasile) and 6 researchers (Lupu Mihail, Turcuman Lilia, Prepeliţă Iulia, Robu Sergiu, Uzun Galina, Soloviov Nicolae).



Laboratory of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources

Institute of Power Engineering

5 Academiei Str. Chisinau,

MD-2028, Republic of Moldova 

tel. +373-795 11 744 

e-mail: [email protected]

Laboratory staff
Nr Name Scientific degree & position
1 Lupu Mihail head of laboratory
2 Comendant Ion dr., leading researcher
3 Soloviov Nicolae leading researcher
4 Șit Mihail dr., leading researcher
5 Juravliov Anatolii dr., leading researcher
6 Prepelița Iulia researcher
7 Daud Vasile dr., researcher
8 Robu Sergiu researcher
9 Turcuman Lilia researcher
10 Uzun Galina junior researcher
11 Timcenco Dmitrii senior engineer


1. 20.80009.7007.18 Eco-friendly technical solutions for efficient energy consumption in buildings and development of smart grid options with advanced renewable energy integration in Moldova (SINERGIE) / 2020-2023
Project manager: dr. Tîrșu Mihai
Funded by: ANCD

2. 15.817.03.02A  Elaboration and argumentation of innovative solutions and technical means for the efficiency of the energy supply sector / 2015-2019
Project manager: dr. Tîrșu Mihai
Funded by: CSȘDT/ ANCD/ MECC

3. Analysis study of the existing operation thermal regimes of SACET mun. Chisinau / 2019-2020
Funded by: S.A.Termoelectrica

4. Study on the barriers and development opportunities of SACET in Bălți municipality / 2019
Funded by: S.A. CET-Nord


1. 16.80013.5807.12/Ro. Solutions for Extending the share of integration of Renewable Energy Sources Connected to the electricity grid (ESERCON) / 2016-2018
Project manager: dr. Tîrșu Mihai
Funded by: CSȘDT

2. 17.80013.5807.06/Ua. Control of active and reactive power flow in urban distribution networks based on the Smart-Grid concept using phase-switchable booster transformers (CONFLUX) / 2017-2018
Project manager: dr. Zaițev Dmitrii
Funded by: CSȘDT


1. Assessment of local electricity generation options / 2019-2020
Funded by: WorleyParsons in the framework of USAID

2. H2020 731264 Social Sciences and Humanities for Advancing Policy in European Energy (SHAPE-ENERGY) / 2017-2019
Funded by: European Union